Diet plays an important part in a dog’s life and, while it’s important to try and get it right, it can often be a minefield picking a diet for your dog. Read More →

We are careful to match dogs to families with children but it is always important to be mindful when it comes to children and dogsRead More →

Despite the pack theory being dismissed years ago, there’s still many myths and old wives tales about how we should train or interact with our dogs to ensure they know who is pack leader…Read More →

Unicorn dog is the phrase often given to the type of dog we all compare our own to… The dogs we often look at and wonder why our dogs aren’t the sameRead More →

My SeBPRA journey began back in October 2019 when me and my partner were looking to adopt a rescue dog. We found Hettie advertised on Pets4homes in a nearby foster home and instantly fell in love. She came storming into our home in November 2019 and we’ve never looked back.  When we were looking to adopt we weren’t set on a certain breed but knew we wanted to give a home to a rescue dog and not buy from a breeder. A recent doggy DNA test told us that Hettie is a German wirehaired pointer/Brittany cross, which admittedly were two breeds of dogs I’d neverRead More →

Tessa is one of the SeBPRA trustees and organises the day to day running of SeBPRA alongside Sarah, from liasing with shelters to helping support adopters. I started helping with SeBPRA in 2018, as I was determined to help the Brittanys that ended up in rescue shelters in Spain, often for years. Having a Brittany myself, I know they are sensitive, intelligent and enthusiastic dogs that love to be involved in everything, not dogs to be left in a kennel. I could not rehome them all myself, so I offered to help find them homes. Since then I have also looked after the Brittany andRead More →

Sarah is one of the SeBPRA trustees and organises the day to day running of SeBPRA alongside Tessa, from liasing with shelters to helping support adopters. Having had setters my whole life, I was shocked to hear that so many are abandoned each year in Spain and other countries by their hunters. We adopted Remy, a blind Gordon Setter through Pepe and she joined our two setters Mack and Alf in late 2017. Having an Irish, English and Gordon setter I may be biased, but they really are a wonderful breed that I couldn’t imagine living without and I know a lot of our adoptersRead More →

Ben is a SeBPRA trustee and helps behind the scenes as well as running the online shop and fundraising I first became aware of SeBPRA in November 2017 when we adopted our first rescue dog, Remy, a blind Gordon Setter. At this point I wasn’t even aware there were Setters in Spain, until I received a text one lunchtime, and straight away we decided we should adopt her as we felt we had a great setup for her. Later that night we were on the phone to Pepe and the rest is history. Remy slotted straight into our pack with Mack (Irish Setter) and AlfRead More →

Dawn is a SeBPRA trustee charity and is responsible for the co-ordination of transport for the dogs from Spain to the UK and all the associated post-Brexit paperwork. I joined SeBPRA in March 2019 and am proud to be a trustee of the charity.  I love working with the rescuers in Spain (Tati, Conchi and Charo) who rescue these beautiful dogs, they are true heroes. My husband Roy and I live in beautiful North Yorkshire and currently have 3 setters which we have adopted from SeBPRA ; Len, Triki (our failed foster) and Lara (Larraitz).  We also have our lovely Staffie X – Melba who rules theRead More →

Hi there. My name’s Debbie, and along with hubby Dale, we’re fairly new to the world of English Setters and indeed SeBPRA having only adopted Xavi (Mundi) in Aug 21. (and what a wonderful community it is!!!). I’m going to be writing a few blogs about enrichment, confidence and maybe a few other topics you never know…I’ve never written one before so please bear with me on this.Read More →