My SeBPRA journey began back in October 2019 when me and my partner were looking to adopt a rescue dog. We found Hettie advertised on Pets4homes in a nearby foster home and instantly fell in love. She came storming into our home in November 2019 and we’ve never looked back. 

When we were looking to adopt we weren’t set on a certain breed but knew we wanted to give a home to a rescue dog and not buy from a breeder. A recent doggy DNA test told us that Hettie is a German wirehaired pointer/Brittany cross, which admittedly were two breeds of dogs I’d never really considered prior to Hettie. We did our research on the breed traits and what quirks we can expect – and although her recall is still unreliable and she stalks every pigeon she sees, I can’t imagine my life without her. 

Then around September 2021 the SeBPRA team appealed for Northern short term foster homes to care for dogs travelling to adopters in Scotland after the recent law change meant they had to remain in England for 48 hours before crossing the border. We volunteered to foster and have continued to do short term foster since. Although I still get far too attached to every one we’ve ever had and cry like a baby when they go off to their forever homes without looking back – it is such a rewarding experience. All of the families that foster for SeBPRA have my utmost respect for the amazing jobs they do. Big shout out also to my number one girl Hettie, who has been absolutely wonderful with every foster dog we’ve ever had, from the forever playful 1 year old setters, to scared dogs, to oldies with poorly hips. We couldn’t have done it without her and she continues to amaze us.  

After our first SeBPRA foster dog I became involved with the rehoming team, starting off with home checks and then working to find our fabulous SeBPRA setters their forever families. I’ve always had dogs in my life and my family have had various rescue dogs, so being able to work as part of the incredible SeBPRA team to give these dogs a forever home is truly rewarding.

When I’m not working my day job as a legal editor or helping out at SeBPRA, you will find me at the gym, or spending quality time with Hettie – mainly hiking, doing scentwork, agility, enrichment activities, and my absolute favourite snuggling on the sofa with her and good book. 

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