Some hints and tips to help with your adopted dog

So you’ve adopted a dog… Now what?

Your new dog has just arrived home at last! What do you do? Here’s some hints and tips to help you along the way

Cat and dog

Cats and dogs, living in harmony?

Many dogs live happily alongside cats (and other furry and feathered animals), whilst others struggle to control their prey instinct.

Spoil your dog with love, not food

Letting your dog become overweight can affect both their quality of life and their lifespan dramatically.

Stop pulling! Why a harness is a must for dog walking

One of the problems we hear most from adopters is that their dog pulls on a lead. How can a harness help you dog?

Canine Leishmaniasis

If caught early and the correct treatment is given, dogs with leish go into remission and have a normal quality of life and life expectancy.

Medical Records & Passport

Read more about what information is in your new dog’s pet passport and how to find it