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Last year we helped rehome over 140 dogs in the UK that had previously been abandoned in Spain. However, there are still many dogs waiting for their chance at family life. It is estimated between 50,000 and 150,000 dogs are abandoned in Spain each year once the hunting season ends. 

Our goal is to help get as many dogs as possible to safety and to find them new homes, where they can begin their new life. 

To help us achieve our goal, we need your support.

There is a whole range of ways that you can help, and any support is greatly appreciated. SeBPRA like many other rescues is run entirely by volunteers. All of our funds go directly towards helping the dogs that need it most. 

To give some idea of the costs involved it costs £3 a day for a dog to be in a shelter, and there have been dogs waiting over a year to find a home! 

There are also many emergency vet bills. It is not uncommon for dogs to be found with broken legs or other injuries. Some of the dogs we help are also diagnosed with one of the Southern European diseases like leishmaniosis or others like parvovirus or leptospirosis which can be fatal. 

You may remember Bruno who had mast cell cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. Lupin was taken to the vets to be put to sleep due to a broken leg. Both of these dogs are now safe, healthy and happy with their new families. 

So how can you help?


One of the best ways to help. As not only are you helping one dog get a home, you also open a space up in a shelter to get another dog off the street and into safety.

If you are interested in fostering or would like more information please click here


We are forever grateful to our supporters who donate monthly. 100% of money received goes directly towards vet bills, shelter and transport costs. 

No public funding is received in either the UK or Spain, so we rely soley on the contributions of our wonderful supporters. 

If you would like to help, one-off donations can be found here, or for monthly donations please contact us.


Apart from the fact that we think the t-shirts look great, every time one is purchased it provides shelter to one dog for a day.

It also helps increase exposure about SeBPRA and find potential new adopters and supporters. 

Make sure to keep checking back at the shop, as we have various new items to offer soon!

You can visit the shop here.

Easy Fundraising

If you shop online, you can help us! It costs nothing to you or to SeBPRA, and any time you purchase anything we receive a percentage of the total cost. Whether it is 1p or £10 it all adds up, especially the more people that sign up. 

A quick video video on how Easy Fundraising works here.

You can sign up to our cause on Easy Fundraising here.

Amazon Smile

You can now help us raise money every time you shop at Amazon, for no extra cost to you! Learn how to sign up to Amazon Smile here

Like, Comment, Share, Follow

The quickest and easiest way you can help us. The more interactions we can get on Facebook or Instagram, the more we can spread the word. It is as simple as liking, commenting and sharing on any of our posts.

Increasing our exposure and audience is critical to the work that we continue to do, and all it takes is a click.


  1. We live in Spain.
    Our Bearded Collie passed away at Christmas after 14 wonderful years.
    We had decided some time back that our next dog would be a Breton.
    We have been looking for a Breton in local rescue centres but no luck , (mainly Podencos).
    Can you help us please ?
    We very much would like to give a Breton a forever home.
    Looking forward to your reply

    Best regards
    John Larkin

  2. Hi John,
    i can understand you wanting a Breton they are wonderful dogs and so many needing homes in Spain, where abouts are you?
    i am going to email you as well as i see the emails more easily than picking up the messages on the website,
    best wishes

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