I’m the latest member of the SeBPRA team, joining in March this year having responded to a cry for help! I now deal with DogsBlog, Pets4Homes and completing all the documentation for our lovely dogs coming over from Spain.  My husband Roy and I currently have 3 setters which we have adopted from SeBPRA ; Len, Triki (our failed foster) and Lara (Larraitz).   I was brought up with GSD’s, my parents having had Sheena before I was born.  I was introduced to English Setters when a friend of mine who lived in France, rescued a 6 week old pup who had been abandoned by her hunter in aRead More →

Do you have a Houdini that climbs over seven foot fences or a dog that never listens to you on walks? Maybe a dog that breaks into bedrooms and destroys pillows while your back is turned? Here’s some ways to help!Read More →

Rolo and Shola very quick formed a bond, it was noticeable and commented on by people regarding how much Shola seemed to calm Rolo and vice versa. Read More →

Tessa I started helping with SeBPRA in 2018, as I was determined to help the Brittanys that ended up in rescue shelters in Spain, often for years. Having a Brittany myself, I know they are sensitive, intelligent and enthusiastic dogs that love to be involved in everything, not dogs to be left in a kennel. I could not rehome them all myself, so I offered to help find them homes. Since then I have also looked after pointer adoptions and learnt much about the many pointer breeds and dog behaviour in general.Many years ago at school, we had a career tests which claimed to workRead More →

One day I saw the most captivating picture of them both. With such character, and it pulled at my heart strings. Read More →