Training recall and loose lead walking can be tough, so maybe we should try to make it easier for us and our dog?Read More →

Laura rehomes setters My husband and I were looking to adopt a dog to join us in our active lifestyle when we came across Sebpra. We came across Asha and Daya on the website. Potentially sisters and a cross between a pointer and a setter. They were extremely nervous rescues and it’s been a very long journey. However, I absolutely fell in love with helping these dogs coming over from Spain. Not long after adopting our girls, I started helping out the Sebpra team. We then adopted a third dog to help build Asha and Daya’s confidence so the beautiful Petra, an English Setter, joinedRead More →

Lucy rehomes Pointers I started my SeBPRA journey in March 2018 when I adopted Dani (sabueso), Dani was on the verge of going back to Spain after a failed adoption and since then I’ve been hooked on SeBPRA dogs. In August 2018 we adopted Luna (pointer) and that’s where my love of pointers started. In July 2020 i started helping SeBPRA with adoptions and it has been one of the most rewarding things I have done. After seeing Dani and Luna flourish i wanted to help more dogs like them get into their forever homes. I’ve been dog mad since I was a child soRead More →