If you could take care of a dog in your home for a period of time, we’re always on the lookout for foster carers. From caring for a homeless hound until we find their forever home, through to helping a dog who is struggling with kennels – anyone who can give a dog a loving home while they are waitin for their forever home is welcome to apply.

Sometimes dogs just aren’t cut out for kennels – these may be puppies, older dogs, dogs with injuries/medical conditions or dogs who don’t get on with other dogs. Sometimes there are dogs who can’t seem to find that special home, so we try to bring them to the UK in order to make it easier for them. The best thing about fostering is that you are helping two dogs, as it opens up a space in the shelter for another dog to be rescued.

Foster carers play a huge role in a rescue dog’s life and by working with us, you can help us save more of them from unnecessary mistreatment or destruction. Ideally, you will have owned a dog before, and already live with one of the breeds that we rescue: English Setters, Pointers or Britanys. We also occasionally have dogs who need a home of their own without a resident dog and just plenty of human company.

All foster families will receive full support and advice regarding the dog in their care. Like us, rescue dogs come in all shapes, sizes and with different personalities so whatever your experience level, we will endeavour to place the most appropriate dog into your care.