Zue 4 yr old female French Pointer

Zue is a very handsome, 4 yr old, female pointer, we think she is a French Pointer or Braque Francais, which is similar to the better known GSP, but usually slightly smaller.

Zue was handed in by her hunter as she was not what he wanted for hunting, she is quite shy and maybe she was too fearful for him.

Zue was initially kennelled with another dog and loved the company and seemed friendly and confident with the other dogs. However her kennel mate was adopted and his loss has thrown her, she is obviously insecure and growling at the other dogs, poor girl. The wonderful shelter staff will work with her to find another kennel mate and hopefully help her confidence.

Zue is looking for an experienced and patient home with adopters who can help her through her initial insecurities and a dog companion would probably be good, a quiet male dog would be the easiest for her to befriend.

Zue is very sweet and affectionate with people, but very shy initially and will need an understanding and patient home. She is eager to please and sweet natured.


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