Cross breed pup 6 months old

Yogi (aka Percy) is six month old cross breed pup with docked tail. He arrived in the UK in January but sadly his adoption has fallen through and he is looking for a new home. Date of birth 09/09/2021

Yogi is a gorgeous young pup, he loves his walks, he is a very cheerful, active boy, he is quite confident in most situations. He loves other dogs, he really loves to play hard and does not always pick up on the social cues from other dogs, so he still has some learning to do.

He needs time and patience spent on his training, housetraining, recall etc although he is a clever boy and has picked up ‘Sit’ very quickly and his recall is progressing well. So far he has shown very little prey drive.

When fully grown Yogi will be smaller than a Brittany, but he makes up for his size in character, he is a cheerful, active and curious boy, he loves his walks and playing with other dogs or tug toys.

Yogi spent the first four months of his life in kennels with his siblings, so he missed out on the usual puppy socialisation, he is confident with other dogs, but sometimes is fearful in new situations.

We are looking for an active home, with time and patience to train a young dog, either with another playful young dog or as an only dog. No young children and no cats unless they are big and tough.

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