English Setter Puppies, DOB 07.12.21

The wonderful Yina arrived at the shelter pregnant and gave birth to 8 pups in December. Sadly one of them has passed away but the remaining 7 are looking for special homes when they are old enough to travel.

Yina is a working setter and we believe the father was probably also a setter, although since she arrived pregnant, we cannot be certain. They will grow into active dogs, requiring both mental and physical stimulation and may well have challenging recall. Many setters make great Cani-cross buddies, love scent work and lots of other things to keep them busy, as well as being much loved family pets

Arwen- Female RESERVED

Gilda- Female RESERVED

Lluvia- Female RESERVED

Rolling- Female RESERVED

Ronda- Female RESERVED

Stone- Male RESERVED

Telma- Female RESERVED

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