English Setter, 15 Years Old

Yida is an adorable older English setter of almost 15, DOB 17/07/2006

This lovely girl is looking for a retirement home, somewhere she can finally learn about the comforts in life and get the love she deserves.

Sadly, she has some mammary tumours which need to be removed so she can’t travel for a couple of months but we’re hoping she’ll have a home waiting for her

The shelter think she’s lived outside all her life since the poor girl doesn’t come in when it’s raining, she just sits in the outside part of her run getting wet until they bring her in. We think she must have never had a bed in her life before. The girls at the shelter are trying to get her to use her bed or a blanket on the floor, anything for a bit of comfort, but she’s totally confused by it and just lies on the concrete floor. She’s certainly not had an easy 15 years so far.

She’s a really adorable girl. She’s in good shape for her age and moves well, although she is on heart medication but her other organs are doing well. She spends most of her days lying down and chilling now. She’s not a huge fan of being confined to her run and she’s very human orientated, she just stares out of her run waiting for people to come back to her. She’s a very happy girl though and has a good appetite too!

Yida is looking for a loving & calm retirement home with somebody around most of the day for her so she has the company she’s longed for all her life


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