Brittany, 1 Year Old

Yeko is a stunning 1 year old Brittany, DOB 02.02.19

Yeko is one of the dogs we have been able to help due to all your kind donations. He was found wandering near Toledo by the side of a busy road. Thankfully some lovely volunteers were able to catch him and keep him until we were able to get him to the shelter.

He had a thorn in his paw when he was found which has now been removed and healing well. We also think he has pellets in him from his days with a hunter.

He’s not been at the shelter for long yet but they say he is absolutely wonderful. He he a calm, well balanced dog. He’s very affectionate with everyone, somewhat shy at first if he doesn’t know you but that doesn’t last long! He’s very obedient at the shelter and responds as soon as they call him (this could, of course, be different on a walk and doesn’t mean he will have good recall). He walks very well on a lead too. In short, they say he is a 10/10 in the dog world!

He’s currently sharing a run with Mara. They look like twins and they get along with each other very well

As with all our dogs, Yeko has been tested for Mediterranean diseases but he is from an endemic area and should be monitored for leish. Read more here.

Yeko when he was first spotted by the road
Yeko being rescued
Yeko when he first arrived at the shelter with a thorn in his paw
Yeko who had 2 thorns in his paw
Yeko much happier now
Yeko & Zoe

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