Yeila female Brittany cross 2 yrs old

This pretty young female Brittany cross, Yeila, was brought up from Toledo to the AELA shelter as she was unwanted and needed a new home. She is a beautiful chocolate and white mixed breed dog, probably quite a bit of brittany and setter, she is very original, she has a very beautiful coat and is a stunning girl. She is 2 yrs old.

In character Yeila is very submissive and sweet, she is very active and loves to run, she shares a kennel with 2 other dogs, she is very sociable, she is a sweetheart with people, always wanting to be stroked. In the kennel she does not pull much on the lead and comes when you call her, but of course this might all change when she is out on an exciting walk.

Date of birth 26/7/2018

As with all our dogs, Yeila has been tested for Mediterranean diseases but as she is from an endemic area and she should be regularly monitored for leish. Read more here.

Yeila & Cat
Yeila & Child
Yeila & Friends