English Setter, 1 Year Old

Update: Yako will arrive in UK foster 12.06.21

This gorgeous boy is Yako, DOB 20/03/20

Yako is a great chap, he’s very affectionate and playful. He fights for attention in a very endearing way, trying to fit his head on your lap until he wins your attention

He loves to play with the other dogs at the shelter. He arrived with Vulcano and they can be rehomed either together or separately

He’s got a small bald patch on his back (see photos) which the vets think must be an old injury, it’s been checked out and it is completely healed but they don’t think the fur will grow back there

Unlike a lot of dogs we help, Yako has arrived at the shelter without any fear. The shelter say he’s wonderful, daring, confident and active! This may change in a home environment since it will all be very new to him, but he’s a confident boy in the shelter.

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