English Setter, 1 Years Old

UPDATE: Xina has been in foster in Cumbria since the end of January. She arrived incredibly scared of everything and spent the first few days retreating to her safe spot, the bathroom. Her foster mum has worked incredibly hard with her, giving her lots of time and patience to discover and explore in her own time. Her foster sister, another English setter, has brought her out of her shell and taught her to play and the two have a ball together.

Xina is still very nervous of new things, changes in the home and anything scary, but she now approaches for a fuss, she really wants to be loved and she is an absolute sweetheart through and through. She loves being stroked by people she knows and will happily come not he sofa for a snuggle. She’s discovered the toy boy and is making good use of that too!

She’s very food orientated, having arrived very thin, and her foster mum is making the most of it to help with her training and desensitisation to anything a bit scary!

She loves the TV and will happily sit on the sofa watching everything move on screen, however not so keen on music at the moment!

Xina loves exploring the garden now but has not yet been on a walk and anybody hoping to adopt her should know that things are going to take time with Xina, although the reward will be incredible. She is currently getting used to having her harness on gradually ready for the first steps of going for a walk. She is happy to stay at home while the other dogs are walked at the moment and everything is done at Xina’s pace

Xina is looking for a home with a confident and calm resident dog to show her the ropes. She’s looking for a human family with bags of patience who are around most of the day for her. Xina is not suitable to live with children and will not fit well in a busy lifestyle at the moment, she needs a calm home to help her overcome her fears

This beautiful girl is Xina who has just turned 1, DOB 22.12.20. She’ll be travelling to UK foster in Cumbria at the end of January

She’s come to the shelter from a hunter like the vast majority of our dogs. She arrived full of fear but she’s improving a lot thanks to her buddy, Dok. The two share a run and they get on great together and he’s teaching her life doesn’t need to be so scary

Xina will be going into foster with two resident dogs and will need to be rehomed with a resident dog as well

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