English Setter, 2 Years Old

Wilson is a 2 year old English setter, born 21/6/17

Wilson was left in a pound by his hunter along with Guti.

He’s a super super affectionate boy. He’s extremely submissive but eager for love so he approaches you and rolls on his back with his belly in the air for a fuss. When he first arrived at the shelter, he was very scared but he’s improved a lot already. He still drops to the ground if the accidentally make a sudden movement around him so we think he’s been treated pretty badly before but that doesn’t stop him loving people, they say he’s really loving and affectionate and just loves human company

We think he’d do well in a home with other dogs since, although he loves human company, he also loves the dogs he shares a run with too. He sleeps in the same beds as them and kisses their faces. He’s very submissive with them too so he gets on well with most. Even when another dog is getting attention and he’s a bit jealous, he never causes any problems because he has such a lovely nature

Wilson, Caribe & Elvis
Wilson & Sil
Wilson & Coco
Wilson & Cat

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