English Setter, < 1 Year Old

Willow and Nigel are two very handsome brothers, DOB 05/02/21

Willow and Nigel arrived at the shelter full of fear and terror, in sheer panic mode. They were totally shut down, heaven knows what they’ve been through in their very short life.

They’re now in an amazing foster home in Spain and they have improved a lot. They will now walk outside and in the local parks, but even so, their fear still causes them to shut down.

They are ok with other dogs but they are easily scared. They are looking for a family with heaps of time and patience and somebody who knows they may never be ‘normal’ dogs and recover completely. They may never be the dogs that will happily walk through a busy park and play with other dogs, but they will have an amazing life with the right people, preferably in a rural setting and somebody who has experience of helping dogs gain confidence (or willing to take advice and learn).

They will now accept being touched but they could take a step back before improving in a new home. They need plenty of space when they arrive and allowed to approach in their own time.

Willow and Nigel are looking for a home together and will not be separated as the shelter believe this could negatively impact them further. They need a child free home and will not be cat tested

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