Female 1 Year Old

Wendy is an absolutely gorgeous active young dog, possibly a Collie-Setter mix, she is one year old, date of birth 5/11/20.

Wendy is a beautiful active, intelligent, untrained big pup. She is obviously a cross breed and we guess she has some collie and setter in her, she is on the Brittany page because she might appeal to that sort of home.

Wendy was bought at six weeks old by a family in Spain on an online market place, it happens all too often sadly. As she grew the family (who were used to toy dogs) realised they could not cope with her and handed her into the shelter. When Wendy arrived at the shelter it was clear she had no idea how to walk on a lead or play with other dogs, her first year of life must have been mainly stuck at home.

Wendy loves the company of other dogs, although she does not always know how to say hello politely yet, she is a typical unsocialised, friendly, excited pup. She loves to play with other playful dogs.

Wendy adores people, she is very affectionate and very inclined to jump up to say hello. If she can see the staff at the kennels she fuss and tries to catch their attention.

Wendy is an absolutely beautiful dog who is looking for an active home with lots of time for patient training.

Wendy & Friend
Wendy with Cat

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