Vikki rehomes Brittanys, or any of our other breeds that need help!

I have always had a love of working/gun dog breeds but always preferred to adopt rather than buy a puppy. We usually have labs and Springers so when we lost our rescue Springer in 2020, we started looking at other working dog rescue groups and this is how we discovered SeBPRA. After conversations with Tessa, she suggested a little Brittany called Palma. We knew very little about Brittanys as they are quite rare in this country but once she arrived, our love affair with this beautiful breed began. Soon after adopting Palma I began helping out the SeBPRA team with the rehoming of other Brittanys to loving families, and very recently welcomed a second young Brit called Jara into our home. I live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales with my husband Phil, 2 lazy black labs and 2 Spanish divas (sorry, Brittanys!). When not helping out with SeBPRA I’m usually found cooking or out in the fields with the pack.