Urco and Yake male Brittanys 5 & 11yrs old

Urko is an extremely handsome black and white Brittany 11yrs old, he is a calm and wonderful grandfather, great with other male and female dogs, very affectionate with people, he shares his kennel with his son Yake whom he adores

Yake is his 5yr old son, a Brittany-Setter cross, he is very affectionate and cheerful,. These dogs are devoted to eachother and have the most loving and affectionate characters.

The dogs came to the shelter because their owner passed away and their son sadly could not take them. We are determined to keep them together, and whoever adopts these two boys will be very lucky.

Urko and Yake are very attached to people, and great with children. They are very happy, very sociable, they eat together and in the shelter they seem very obedient, although of course this could change once they are out on a walk.

We are rehoming this pair together.

Dates of birth, Yake 8/8/2015, Urco 26/6/2009

Urko & Yake
Urko & Yake
Urko & Yake & Child