Urco and Yake male Brittanys 5 & 11yrs old

UPDATE Urco has been adopted and Yake is now in foster with a view to adopt.

Father and son, Urko and Yake came to our shelter in Spain because their owner passed away and their son sadly could not take them.

Urko and Yake are very attached to people, great with children and other dogs. They are very happy, very sociable, they eat together and in the shelter they seem very obedient, although of course this could change once they are out on a walk.

UK Fosterer Assessment:

I have been looking after Urko and Yake since they arrived from Spain a week ago and what a pleasure it has been! They have adapted so quickly to living in a UK home. They are wonderful dogs and very quickly won me over. Whoever adopts this lovely pair will be very lucky indeed!

Both boys seem pretty bombproof as they don’t seem to be bothered by fireworks, gun fire, noisy DIY, trains close by, loud traffic in close proximity and household appliances although the hoover did get an initial bark from Urko!

They are friendly with people and whilst out walking get lots of attention- not surprising as they are attractive dogs and few people recognise the breed.  

Dad, Urko, is an adorable, bright, extremely handsome and active 11 year old black and white Brittany. He is a gentle soul, completely unfazed by living in a home in the UK, friendly with strangers and very affectionate with me. 

He enjoys going for walks, great on and off leash, content to walk beside you with the occasional stop to sniff an interesting smell. When he gets home he likes you to play ball with him and he enjoys sitting out in the garden watching the world go by. Indoors he will follow you around looking for a chance to nuzzle you to ask for a cuddle.

Yake, is Urco’s five year old son, a very pretty, orange and white, Brittany-Setter cross, he is also very affectionate and loves nothing more than having a belly rub. He is a little skittish/ cautious with some of the new things he has encountered but with time works it out for himself- or follows his dad’s lead.

Yake loves going out for walks, and if he was allowed, chase squirrels. It is too early for Yake to be off leash but his recall appears good and with further work, I think it is only a matter of time before he could be trusted to come back.  

Dates of birth, Yake 8/8/2015, Urco 26/6/2009

Urko & Yake
Urko & Yake
Urko & Yake & Child
Urko & Yake

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