English Setter, 4 Years Old

Txispis is a lovely setter, coming up to 4 years old, DOB 15/09/16

Txispis was rescued from the same hunter as Kira. The two have known each other a long time and are really close, it would be lovely to find them a home together so they don’t have to be separated. They always give each other kisses and sleep next to each other in the shelter

Txispis is an active girl. She is very happy and loves to play. She shares a run with Kira and another female setter at the moment and has also shared with a male too and she gets on well with everyone.

She is a very affectionate girl and she is obedient in the shelter environment and comes when she is called but that could change in a home and doesn’t guarantee she would have any recall

Txispis & friends
Txispis & Friends

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