English Setter, 5 Years Old

UPDATE: 22.04.21: Tres is a very cheerful boy, full of life. He just adores running and he’s wonderful to watch. He shares his kennel with Eder still but unfortunately the pair have had no interest in being adopted together and so we will consider separating them. Tres is quite a confident boy (although he may take some time to come out of his shell in a new home). He gets on really well with Eder and other dogs and he’s also very affectionate with people too

Wonderful Tres is a 5 year old English setter, DOB 4/11/15

One of the shelters we work very closely with found out about Tres and asked us for help. Him and Eder were in danger as their hunter no longer wanted them.

They are both safe at the shelter now and they think they might be brothers from different litters or father and son as they are very similar. They are sharing a kennel at the moment and get along great. We would like to home them together if possible

Tres is a typical setter, he loves to run outside and is very active and full of life. He’s a very sweet boy and loves people, he’s very affectionate

We’ve been able to help Tres thanks to the kind people who donate to us on a monthly basis. If you are able to commit to monthly donations to allow us to help more dogs, please drop us a line

Tres, Eder & child
Tres & Cat

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