Pointer, 3 Years Old

This very handome and incredibly good-natured boy appeared in Madrid with a scar where we think his microchip had been removed so we assume a hunter dumped him. A young guy picked him up and appealed for help for him but instead of offering the young guy took him to the local pound. Poor Tom was pretty scared when he was taken out a couple of days later (see video) and then spent a weekend in foster with a kind girl and from there Charo (from the rescue in Cantabria) who happened to be in Madrid took him to the shelter. We were able to say yes to Tom thanks to those of you who pay us a monthly fee so a big thank you once again.

Everybody who has met him falls in love with him, he’s a timid, unassuming and very affectionate boy. He’s scared of loud noises and it took him a while to get used to being in a flat but the poor thing had just been abandoned and then been in a pound, so many changes in a short space of time. He adores other dogs, on walks wants to play with every dog he meets fromm Yorkshire Terriers to great big dogs.

He’s a real catch, just needs a lovely home to go to now. The photos don’t do him justice but you can still see how breathtakingly handsome he is. There are videos of Tom here

DOB 30.7.16