English Setter, 3 Years Old

This spectacular boy is Tobias, a 3 year old English Setter, DOB 10.02.18

Sadly, Tobias’ first home didn’t work out so he’s in a lovely foster home with two other SeBPRA dogs.

Tobias (now known as Tobi) is getting on brilliantly in his foster home, living with two Irish Setter siblings. He arrived with a lot of anxiety, and that sometimes manifested in a bit of reactive behaviour; but as he has settled into a good daily routine, he is significantly less stressed.

He loves to cuddle! He’d spend all day up on the sofa getting fuss, and he makes sure his foster dad has plenty of things to distract him from work. He loves his toys and will work for the simplest of treats. He will beg for attention and food, and he is very gentle with his paws and his mouth.

He plays well with other dogs, but can be wary of new people. He’s learned to manage his own moods and behaviour, taking himself off to rest in his safe space if things get a bit too much. He gets on especially well with one of his foster brothers, so we would be looking for a home with a confident but playful dog as he can be a bit rough sometimes. The resident dogs in his foster home have helped him to settle very quickly, but he also occupies himself so he may be able to live as an only dog with an experienced adopter who will make sure he gets the time and space he needs. He’s got lots of energy, so he’ll keep his new family busy!

He is lovely around the house, with brilliant toilet training and he recognises when it’s time for play or time for bed. Currently he sleeps in his special safe space for his and his brothers’ safety as he has shown signs of sleep startling in the past, but his foster home haven’t seen this for a long time.

Tobi is currently in Warwickshire. He is not cat tested

Tobi’s history before travelling to the UK:

Tobi was rescued in Cantabria, after being given up by his hunter because he was not useful for hunting. He’s a cheerful boy and full of life. He adores running in the outdoor area at the shelter and shares his run with other dogs. He can be greedy with food and is currently fed separately at the shelter until he gets used to having regular meals at last!

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