English Setter, 3 Years Old

This spectacular boy is Tobias, a 3 year old English Setter, DOB 10.02.18

He was given up by his hunter because he was not useful for hunting. He’s a cheerful boy and full of life. He adores running in the outdoor area at the shelter.

We think he’d be a great only dog since he doesn’t pay much interest in dogs at the shelter, he’s very human orientated and loves to be around people. He gets on fine with female dogs but doesn’t show any interest with them and he’s not too much about some males. He’s incredibly affectionate and attaches himself to people’s hip!

At the moment, he’s rather greedy! It’s common for them to arrive at the shelter like this since they’ve often not had enough food. At the moment, they feed him separately so he gets the food he needs and he doesn’t feel threatened by other dogs who might steal from his bowl.