When you lose a dog, you feel an emptiness that you never thought possible. A void so big and so dark, you feel nothing can ever fill that space ever again. How wrong were we? 

SeBPRA have given us our happiness back. We saw Tilo and straight away he had us. Ok he was almost a little over the hill, and yes he was recovering from operations to remove tumas which had a high possibility of returning, but that didn’t matter. He needed us as much as we needed him.

I still remember getting our children together for a ‘family meeting’ and the look they both had when we told them we were adopting a dog. It was like we had given them the best Xmas, birthday present ever.

Tilo is our family, he has made our house a home again. We love his stinky breath and the fur balls that collect under the sofa. We love how he loves to sleep on every single sofa and jumps on the bed for a snuggle before he snuggles down in his own comfy bed next to ours.

It is such a nice, warm feeling giving him such love, knowing that he has lived such a long life probably not knowing what a snuggle or a kiss ever was. He looks at us everyday and we can actually see the ‘thankyou’ deep in his eyes. He makes us cry just because he is so lovely, we miss him even when he’s still in the same room, if that makes sense? I’m sure some of you know what I mean. So Thankyou Sepbra. You are life savers. 

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