English Setter, 3 Years Old

UPDATE: Tiago has been waiting at the shelter for almost a year. The ladies looking after him describe him as the sweetest dog. From day one they’ve been won over by his calm, balanced and sensitive character. He gets on so well with dogs and forms strong bonds with whoever he ends up sharing a kennel with as sadly his buddies come and go as they all find their new homes. He likes to go outside and run around but quite often he’s happy to stay inside wagging his tail until somebody notices he wants a big fuss instead! They say he’s a 10/10, you know a dog is special when they stand out in a shelter full of so many wonderful dogs

Tiago is a 3 year old English setter, DOB 01.06.20

This beautiful boy was no longer wanted by his hunter and so the shelter in Spain took him in along with his buddy, Lau.

He is a very sociable boy, he’s so sweet with people and very cuddly. He’s great with other dogs too and shares his kennel with Lau at the shelter and the two even share their food

Tiago & Friends