The Journey Home

Slip leads

The day you pick up your SeBPRA dog (or any rescue) is one of the most exciting and emotional days ever. However, it is important to remember safety. Even the most confident dog can become erratic and unpredictable due to the stress of travelling. Therefore, it is vital that you bring a slip lead. Your transporter will fit the slip lead whilst the dog is on the van to ensure he is brought off the van as safely as possible. When purchasing your slip lead you must make sure that the slip lead has a tag on it to secure the lead into place. Without this the dog will be able to slip backwards out of the lead. For extra security, you may want to attach another lead to your dog’s collar. Double leading your dog is also a great way to introduce your new rescue to your existing dog. 

Without a slip lead it is unlikely your transporter will let the dog off the van so not bringing one will put everybody in an awkward situation! Slip leads are not expensive and are readily available at shops like Pets at Home. Just make sure you get one with the tag.

The car journey

It is a legal requirement for your dog to be secure in the car. The most common way of securing your dog is to use a double ended training lead which is clipped to an anchor point in the boot. If you don’t have an anchor point use the back of the head rest. Once your dog is in the boot, put a harness on them and attach them to the lead. Once the dog is secure in the boot the slip lead may be removed.

Upon getting home, you must put the slip lead on them before unclipping them from the car. This will prevent them from bolting. 

Other benefits of double ended training leads

While I’m here…. My two Halti leads are probably the best bits of equipment I’ve purchased. The benefits are never ending. With a strong (and occasionally reactive) Sabueso on board we often use the halti lead for the street walk down to the local park. The lead can be clipped onto the harness at the front and back meaning you have more control over the dog if needed. I have also clipped it to his collar on the way back from a particularly stressful walk although this is not recommended for everyday walking. The halti lead has a few different loops so can be made as short as required.

See photos for different walking combinations!

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