Tessa is one of the SeBPRA trustees and organises the day to day running of SeBPRA alongside Sarah, from liasing with shelters to helping support adopters.

I started helping with SeBPRA in 2018, as I was determined to help the Brittanys that ended up in rescue shelters in Spain, often for years. Having a Brittany myself, I know they are sensitive, intelligent and enthusiastic dogs that love to be involved in everything, not dogs to be left in a kennel. I could not rehome them all myself, so I offered to help find them homes. Since then I have also looked after pointer adoptions and learnt much about the many pointer breeds and dog behaviour in general.
Many years ago at school, we had a career tests which claimed to work out your perfect career, much to everyone’s amusement, mine came out with Puppy Walker for Dogs for the Blind! Of course I ignored that and went into electronic design engineering and then later had a family. Now working at home with a family growing up, I find I have come almost a full circle as I use any spare moment to help out with dogs, particularly the Brittanys and Pointers.
I live in Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District and have strong ties to Suffolk where we sail every summer, and yes my dear Brittany has learnt both to walk through sheep without looking at them and also how to sail. She is an old girl now, 14, so she has had many years of practice.

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