Female 3 Year Old Brittany

Tara is a stunning nearly 3 year old female Brittany (Date of birth 04/06/2018)

Tara arrived with her sister Teka at the shelter because they were no longer wanted by their hunter owner. The sisters are however completely different to each other.

Tara is quite a shy dog, she is nervous with new people and takes time to trust. She has a wonderful nature and she wants to come and ask for a fuss, but does not quite dare. Tara will only go to a home with a friendly resident dog as she needs the support of another dog to help her build her confidence. Someone is going to be so lucky to win the trust of this girl and see her blossom.

Tara would like home without young children and with a confident friendly dog.

Like all Brittanys Tara is very active and intelligent, she is bound to be people focussed and will thrive in an active house with lots of companionship. Brittanys are often a great choice for agility, canicross and trailing as they love to learn and do stuff.