Female 3 Year Old Brittany

Tara is a stunning nearly 3 year old female Brittany (Date of birth 04/06/2018) in UK foster in Lancashire with four other dogs.

Tara is a stunning, young, active, very affectionate girl. She absolutely adores people and is looking for a home where she will have company most of the day.

This is what her foster mum says about her….   ”Tara is a beautiful little dog who has been through a lot in a very short period of time. She quickly came back into SeBPRA foster as she did not get on with the resident dog in her adoptive home. She clearly missed her sister, whom she had always lived with in Spain, and being desperate for attention and stability, she attached very quickly to the people in the house.

She came to us very scared and worried, and defensive with the resident dogs, however, in the past 10 days or so that’s she’s been with us, we have seen a miraculous change in her. She is very puppy like which is a joy to watch. She loves her walks and has started playing with dogs she regularly meets. She loves chew toys and tug ropes, although she does guard these a little. She’s a messy but enthusiastic eater and responds very well to learning commands with the aid of food. We have focussed on bringing her stress levels down so have not attempted too much new learning but she’s doing well with toilet training and will already sit on command and is slowly learning her name. Oh, and she’s a sock and tea towel thief!!

Tara loves to be close to her humans and will follow you everywhere. She currently sleeps with us and, apart from the first couple of nights, she sleeps right through. She loves cuddles, hugs and belly rubs and cuddling up to you on the sofa and falling asleep. She is a little hand shy and still a bit timid but she continues to gain confidence every day.

As a result of her separation from her sister and her recent upheavals, Tara does have Separation Anxiety. She doesn’t like doors being closed on her and scrabbles to get through. She will need her humans to be around all day so she can gradually relax and trust and eventually help her work on her anxiety at being left. It is likely that Tara may appear to take a step back as a result of another change, when she goes to her forever home. This will be temporary and she will quickly learn to love her forever humans

Tara needs, at the moment, to be an only dog. Her need for human love means she does not currently want to share her new found human friends and toys with other resident dogs, she can snap at them and therefore we feel she would settle more easily as an only dog.

Tara has shown absolutely no aggression to humans and is surprisingly happy to greet strangers. She has met my 3 year old granddaughter twice and although obviously being a bit unsure initially, was absolutely fine with her.

Tara is a gorgeous little dog who has so much love to give her forever humans. Will she be giving that love to you?”

Like all Brittanys Tara is very active, intelligent and has a good prey drive for birds, she is very people focussed and will thrive in an active house with lots of companionship. Brittanys are often a great choice for agility, canicross and trailing as they love to learn and do stuff.

Tara & Friends
Tara & Friends

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