• Tana English Setter Head

We’ve had 3 beautiful English Setters over the last 40 years and also had rescue dogs too, so when we lost our beloved Pepper in December not only were ‘we’ devastated, but our 9-year-old lurcher ‘Dez’ seemed to be grieving too, and he seemed to go grey overnight! we had heard about SeBPRA from a lady in the woods some 12 months prior, and that got us thinking. Maybe we shouldn’t go for a new English Setter puppy again, but to adopt a ‘Setter in Need’! We searched the website and made enquires, one or two dogs were already spoken for, but then we read on Facebook about Tana.

Tana had been adopted some 6 months earlier, however a change in circumstances meant that her adopters were unable to keep her, that must have been very sad for both parties, and she needed a new ‘forever’ home quickly. Tana was in short term foster care. We arranged a visit and short walk and ‘Fell in Love’! We had said we would go home and think it through, but within minutes phoned Claire, who was kindly looking after Tana and said YES, we would love to have her. We had the house visit/check and who walked through the door but the lady we had met in the woods, some 12 months previously, another great SeBPRA Ambassador.

Tana settled in immediately, claiming settees and chairs where possible! our other rescue dog Dez, loves her to bits, and they often settle down together to sleep. With Dez resting his head on Tana’s back!

Training continues to be a challenge as she certainly has ‘Pro-Drive’ and loves to ‘see off’ the local pigeons and squirrels in the garden, however now ‘owns’ the garden.

Ann, my wife has started her training programme, with an hour a day of solus training, and within a few days, Tana has become a fast learner, not off the lead yet but hopefully, in a couple of months we’ll get there. Were off to the coast for a weeks holiday and would love to see her running up and down the beach with Dez.

She’s a real sweetie pie! and a massive ‘Thanks’ to SeBPRA for rescuing these dogs in need. Our lives have been enriched.