English Setter, 5 Years Old


Sut is currently in foster in Gloucester. He’s looking for a home with at least one other dog as the poor thing gets distressed on his own but he’s very happy as long as he has a buddy! He is living with a cat at the moment too with no issues (although the cat alone isn’t good enough company he says!)

He is an active dog like most setters and gets along great with other dogs. He has a great character and walks pretty well on his lead at the moment despite being energetic. He’s a keen learner and his foster home are working very hard with him to teach him lots of new things. Being a working breed, he enjoys mental stimulation as well as physical. He also loves to curl up in small spaces like his favourite cardboard box!

He is housetrained at his current home and sleeps well through the night and can be left for short periods of time as long as he has another dog for company

He’s got a good appetite and is very affectionate with people.

Sut has been rescued by us after being in a Spanish rescue centre for more than a year. We have very little information on what life was like for him before he arrived there and we’re not even sure if the poor boy got to go for a single walk before he was rescued.

We are looking for active adopters ideally with experience of working breeds willing to take him for decent daily walks and invest time in positive training

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