Pointer Cross, 2 Years Old

Very sadly, Sugus is looking for a new home due to a complete change in circumstances. His adopter absolutely adores him but has come to the heartbreaking decisions that finding a new home in the right thing for Sugus. He is currently in Kent, near Maidstone.

Sugus was rescued from the South of Spain. His mum, an English setter, was rescued whilst pregnant and we rehomed her and her litter in 2019. Whilst we don’t technically know who the dad was, the pups are all extremely pointer like in appearance, so we assume they are (at least mainly) pointer and setter.

Here’s what his adopter has to say about him:

“Sugus was born on the 14th February 2019 (Valentines Day) and the date really matches his temperament. He is a very loving dog who enjoys company and being around his family all the time. He enjoys creeping onto the sofa to snuggle up with you, or he will bring you his ball to play whilst you are watching the TV.

Sugus is child and cat friendly, although can be wary of strangers if they approach him when out walking. He is not keen on lorries or parked vehicles that have their engine running and he has to walk past. But whilst out walking he is fine with moving traffic. He travels well in the car, although he prefers the back seat so he can see and put his head out the window. 

He loves being outdoors and playing with his ball (be prepared to launch it a distance). He will play ball with you for a long time and then will stand and look at you from a far when he has had enough. He loves exploring and anywhere new he visits. I keep him on a lead as he is very curious of everything. His recall is very good and does not chase anything apart from Squirrel. Although he will need to be on a long lead for a while until he gets familiar with his new owner.

Sugus is a good eater and is currently on wet food, although he enjoys a sprinkle of grated cheese on top of his meals. He wont eat it until you get the cheese!!! 

Most evenings around 10pm after his comfort break, Sugus will take himself off to bed. His basket is outside my room and he will stay in this until you get up. However, he is allowed on the bed and he loves nothing more than sleeping with you on the bed. This is not done all the time but sometimes its great!!

Sugus has never been crated and would strongly recommend that he isn’t! he likes to be free and be able to roam around the house.  Sugus is protective of his home and will bark as soon as there is a knock on the door, he is fine once people come in and he gets familiar.

He is truly a beautiful dog and is always excited to see, even if you have only been in another room he will pounce on you for cuddles and licks. He enjoys socialising with other dogs and enjoys visiting doggy day care where he gets to run and play all day with other dogs.

Sugus doesn’t like being left alone at home and will cry and bark until you return. He really needs to go to a home with someone who is at home all the time. 

Sugus will steal your heart and he will give you his love and loyalty all the time”

Sugus is looking for an active home with people around the vast majority of time and the ability to build on his separation anxiety slowly. Another dog in the house may well help with his separation anxiety.

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