Male 2 Year Old Griffon

Sugar is a very handsome, 2 yr old, male Griffon, date of birth 15/03/2019.

Sugar was handed to the shelter by his hunter as he no longer wanted him for hunting. He seems very scared of the noise of gunfire so that could well be the reason he has been given up. He is however a great tracker and loves to follow scents, he could be a wonderful dog for anyone who fancies trying scent work or man trailing.

Sugar seems calm and quite confident in the shelter, he loves other dogs and currently shares his kennel with a female griffon. Sugar is also great with people, he is loving, affectionate and fairly obedient within the confines of the shelter, although of course, like all our dogs, he will need work on recall when in exciting places with tempting scents.

Griffons are used in Spain to hunt game like wild boar. They make wonderful pets but can of course be prey driven and recall can be challenging.


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