English Setter, 4 Years Old

This pretty girl is Sola, a 4 year old English setter, DOB 24/06/16

Sola was rescued from a pound in the north of Spain and arrived at the shelter with a lot of fear. Amazingly, she has changed a lot in such a short space of time but she may well take a big hit to her confidence with another change when she finds a home so she needs a patient adopter and a resident dog to help with her confidence

She get son well with males and females and she’s currently sharing a run with Sol, another setter.

She’s not as active as some of the other setters and likes to have a wander a a lie down instead of constantly running. This could also change once she is settled and comes out of her shell more but she would suit a family who adores setters but perhaps aren’t quite as active or are used to the energy levels of some of the show counterparts

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