Male 2 Years Old

Sol is a handsome 2 yr old male Griffon, date of birth 31/08/2019.

Sol was handed into the shelter by his hunter along with Tango. Sol is a calm and good natured dog. He is great with male and female dogs at the shelter.

With people Sol can be initially shy, but soon becomes very affectionate, he is a very sweet dog and within the confines if the shelter he is obedient, always coming to the call and asking for strokes (although of course recall will be far harder on walks with distractions and god smells).

Griffons are used in Spain to hunt game like wild boar. They make wonderful pets but can of course be prey driven and recall can be challenging.

Please note, this Griffon is also advertised with Spanish Griffon Rescue, a charity we work closely with. You can apply through us or through them.


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