Griffon, 5 Years Old

Sira is a 5 year old hound. Her passport says Griffon, although she looks a lot like a sabueso. Sabuesos and Griffons are used to hunt in Spain, particularly the north. They can hunt a variety of game but are most commonly used to hunt animals like boar. Just like the other dogs we help, they can make incredible pets but most have challenging recall and need both active and patient homes in order to thrive

Sira is a very sociable girl, she’s great with other dogs. She absolutely loves her food! She will actually recall in a secure area for food, always thinking of her tummy! She weights about 27kg so whilst she is not huge, she will be able to pull on a walk and any adopter should take this into consideration!

Please note, this Griffon is also advertised with Spanish Griffon Rescue, a charity we work closely with. You can apply through us or through them.

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