English Setter, 9 Months Old

Sil is a 9 month old English Setter (DOB 29/01/19)

He’s yet another poor dog who’s had a rough start to life. The shelter first found out about Sil earlier this year through a vet. The hunter had taken him there and it turned out he had hip dysplasia and needed an operation. The hunter didn’t want to pay for it so poor Sil was deemed useless and the vet gave AELA a call.

When he first arrived, he was very very thin and had hardly any muscle on his back leg. His hunter said he ate a lot but we think he was probably in with a pack of dogs where the stronger dogs got the found and since poor Sil wasn’t as strong, he got left with very little. He also arrived with bite wounds from the other dogs bullying him and was scared of people and other dogs. 

Since being in the shelter, he’s improved a huge amount. He shares a run with male and female dogs now and isn’t scared at all, he even enjoys playing with them. He’s very close to Dona who is like a surrogate mum to him. He’s not longer afraid of people and is a very happy and cheerful boy.

He’s had his surgery for his dysplasia which went well and his prognosis is good.