Adopting Txola aka Shola – our story

In the spring/summer of 2018 We made the decision as a family to adopt a dog as we wanted to give a dog in need a new home. Because of our experience with setters but also because of their gentle, loving and kind temperament, we knew that was the dog for us.

We began researching and came across SePBRA. Initially we were confused regarding how the process would work; adopting a dog from Spain. The charity were amazing, supporting us through the whole process.

I remember seeing Shola in a photo beginning her journey to us. She looked so sad. We couldn’t wait for her arrival! 2 days later we got to meet our beautiful new addition. She was initially quite shell shocked after her long journey, so we just reassured her and allowed her a little space to come to terms with her new home, people and doggie brother Rolo (also a setter).

By the next day she began showing a little more confidence and happiness (big smiles), but she also continued to have some nervousness for a while. I think this fluctuated depending on experiences and possibly things spooked her.

Shola suffered with some separation anxiety after approx 8 weeks with us. Advice suggests that this can happen with rescue dogs, I believe it’s linked to lots of change and the reality / fear connected to all life their experiences and change.

We invested in some dog behavioural support, but also following research we decided to try CBD oil. With this, but also time and patience Shola has positively overcame her anxieties. She is now not needing any CBD oil and is super happy and content.

Rolo and Shola very quick formed a bond, it was noticeable and commented on by people regarding how much Shola seemed to calm Rolo and vice versa. The two have definitely brought the best out in each other, albeit at times this includes doggy mischief ha! You would now never know that they have only been together for just over a year, they appear like they’ve been together a lifetime.

She loves her walks, devours her food and loves the company of family, especially cuddles! Also she now makes the cutest noises, letting us know she is super happy to see us 😍 She didn’t do this before!

The difference in Shola now is truly amazing, her personality having transformed. She has totally thrived blossoming in to a content, relaxed, more confident dog. It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that we’ve helped her to become who she is today.

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