Setter/Pointer Cross, 3 Years Old

Tessa and Sarah are beautiful young female gun dogs, 3yrs old.

These beautiful girls are another pair of dogs we were able to help thanks to your donations. They were is a very poor shelter and were very scared. We brought them up to Conchi and Charo at ALEA where they are gaining confidence. 
We think Tessa and Sarah may be sisters, despite their different coats, they are very similar and rely on each other, it would be wonderful to find them a home together.
At the moment they are still very scared, but with time and space they will slowly gain confidence. It will need patience to work with them, but the rewards of seeing them learn to trust and enjoy life will be more than worth it.
If these girls are sisters they probably have pointers and setter heritage.

Sarah has a longer coat and looks like a small setter mix or possibly even a Blue Picardy Spaniel mix

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