Brittany, 13 Years Old

Salo is a really lovely older female Brittany, she is 13 years old, nearly 14, her date of birth is 20/4/2007

Salo is an adorable girl, she is very active despite her age (typical Brittany), She was handed in by a hunter because she is now too old to be useful and as he was giving up hunting he handed in Salo, Roonie and a setter Ili at the same time. They all share a kennel get on very well.

Salo is great with male and female dogs and with people she is sweet and very affectionate and obedient.

Her teeth were in very bad condition when she arrived, so the vet has done some teeth cleaning and also has removed some teeth.

Salo is a really lovely girl, like so many Brittanys she has a wonderful nature and it would be great to get her into a loving home for her retirement years.


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