1 year old female Podenco

SAIDA is a gorgeous young female Podenco, just over 18 months old, her date of birth is 20/09/2019.

Saida arrived very scared at the shelter, but in a very short time she has gaining confidence and now she is showing what a lovely dog she truly is.

Saida goes out for a run and plays with all the other dogs at the shelter, she gets on well with male and female dogs and she loves their company.

Saida is a very happy dog, although she may be initially nervous she loves people, and adores getting strokes and having a fuss, she is extremely affectionate.

Saida stands 60cm to top of shoulder.

Saida would like a home with another friendly dog to boost her confidence.

Podencos are gorgeous, intelligent, active working dogs often with a high prey drive like all the SeBPRA dogs. They have been bred with a combination of speed and agility with endless endurance for trotting rather than galloping. They are agile to the point they have been known to climb trees in pursuit of prey and can even jump great heights from a stand. Smart, curious and clownish, they have a profound awareness of their surroundings and a sensitivity to their humans. Podencos reward their human companions with great loyalty, love, affection and are wonderful family members if the adopter is ready to devote time and energy to their Podenco.  They are alert barkers so they are great home protection. Podencos are a great option for those wanting to take up canicross or agility. Please do read up on this breed before applying if you do not already know them.

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