Male cross 1 Year Old

Ruben is a cuddly, sensitive young dog, just under a year old. He is in the UK and looking for a home (date of birth 11/11/20). Ruben is probably a mix with some Brittany in, he stands taller than a Brittany, with quite a lean build.

Ruben adores people he knows, he is a real cuddle monster and asks for attention. He is very playful and loves the company of another dog, he gains confidence from the companionship and is quite lost without another dog around.

Ruben is clever lad and learns quickly, he is housetrained, his recall training is doing well so far and he understands quite a few words. He loves his food and is content being left for short periods at home with a dog he knows well. He loves his walks and will play happily with other dogs if he is off the lead.

Ruben is very sensitive, he is fearful of loud traffic and unknown situations or people especially after dark or if he is compromised on the lead. However in known surroundings with known people he is a joyous playful and very loving boy.

Ruben’s fear causes him to back away and bark, he may wet himself, but he has never snapped or bitten, he has a wonderful nature. He needs a home where he can slowly gain confidence at his own speed and does not need to be introduced to everything immediately.

Ruben (originally Rufus) was rescued with his mum and siblings in Spain, we think the dogs are a Brittany mix, maybe with some podenco. His mum and siblings are all adopted and doing well, Rufus was adopted too but sadly his family have found they don’t have time to support him through his fears and have asked us to find him a home where he can flourish. We are looking for a rural home with another dog and adopters with time and patience to help this lad to grow in confidence, he is such a loving and sweet boy, someone is going to be so lucky!

His current adopter tells us ….

Ruben is a complete cuddle monster, thrives off human attention. He will let you know if you’re not being attentive enough and provide a kindly reminder with a paw across my cheek.  

He loves his food. Don’t leave any food on the kitchen side he can and does reach and has a secret snack! His record is 12 sausages in one go! Our fault for leaving them out not his! For treats he loves carrots, broccoli stalks and a small kong type feeder to keep things interesting. He is very lean, leading us to think he crossed with some sort of sight hound. He seems thin but our vet has assured us that it is just his stature.

We walk him in the woods every day and loves a little run around after other dogs, he doesn’t like to be out of sight and his recall is 95% great! He does like a bird to chase, but keeps listening and responds to calling him back. He doesn’t like it when our other dog is out of sight and starts to cry until she is back in view.

He sleeps in the hall with our other dog and he has been fine. He isn’t destructive, beside the odd slipper and pair of trainers. He loves a shoe so pop them out of reach. We have a little basket of toys in the corner of the room and he gets himself out a toy to play with. His favourite being a ball on a rope which he plays his own little game of fetch with.

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