We lost our two precious dogs in late 2017.  Our house felt horribly empty and we made the decision to look for two new family members .  We hadn’t rescued before so we took to Google and looked up dog rescue centres in and around Bedfordshire –  that’s when Penelope and the fabulous team at SeBRA caught our attention.

The Webpage gave a fantastic overview of each dog and that’s where we came across Benjy a Subueso, not dissimilar in looks to a foxhound, and we instantly fell in love with him.  However, we wanted to re-home two so continued looking.  Ron’s profile caught our eye however, whilst Benjy was in the dog shelter, Penelope informed us that Ron was actually in a nearby foster home.  She suggested that the team could arrange to move Benjy in with Ron’s foster to see how the two got along.  Luckily for us they got on extremely well so we made the daunting decision that we would apply to adopt the two together. 

Making the decision on the basis of photographs is a big leap of faith however, Penelope and the team were fantastic and provided us with regular up-dates along with video footage so we were able to see how our new boys were getting along whilst we eagerly waited for them whilst the necessary paperwork was being completed.   Any question or concerns we had were dealt which put our minds at rest.  The transport process was extremely well managed and we were able to track our boys on our phones for the entire journey, until they safely reached the UK on a rainy November evening. 

Having 2 hunting hounds has been challenging at times.  For anyone who has adopted a true hound, they will be aware that their recall is virtually non-existent and long-lines are a must.  We have learnt to accept this and adapt our walks accordingly.  Country parks and farmer’s fields are an absolute no for us however, we have found fields which we can walk around without being pulled over!  That said, they are incredibly affectionate and loving and in the 13 months we have had them, they have come on leaps and bounds and are well and truly part of our family.