Female Podenco 7 years old

Rita is a beautiful 7 yr old female Podenco, born on 29/05/2014.

Rita is such a lovable dog   Rita adores people, she will melt from a touch and will seek to be with people as soon as she can. At first she approaches shyly, but it doesn’t take long for her to gain confidence as soon as you stroke her sweet face.

Rita is kennelled with two other female dogs and she can be a bit pushy with them. She loves playing with them in the enclosure, but when they return to the kennel if she enters first then she is inclined to growl at them. The two dogs are very submissive and there has never been any issue between the three dogs, but she would prefer a home with submissive dogs or as an only dog.

Update: Rita has a problem with her back leg, she has been checked and assessed by the orthopedist. They have determined that her injury is old, she has a dislocated kneecap and as it is, there is no point in surgery as there is already some osteoarthritis. For the time being she does not feel any pain, she plays, runs… nothing prevents her from living a normal life. However she may develop more arthritis in that leg, she is already on joint protecting supplements which will no doubt help her long term. For the moment she seems totally happy and runs and plays without any problem.

Podencos are gorgeous, intelligent, active working dogs often with a high prey drive like all the SeBPRA dogs. They have been bred with a combination of speed and agility with endless endurance for trotting rather than galloping. They are very agile and can even jump great heights from a stand. Smart, curious and clownish, they have a profound awareness of their surroundings and a sensitivity to their humans. Podencos reward their human companions with great loyalty, love, affection and are wonderful family members.

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