Male 11 Years Old

Risco is a really gorgeous male Brittany, he is 11 years old, date of birth 02/07/2009.

Risco is a gorgeous older Brittany handed to the shelter by his hunter owner as at this age he is no longer useful for hunting. It is always heartbreaking to see these older dogs left at the shelters and even more so in this case as the hunter has also provided photos of Risco in his prime when he was obviously more valued. Risco is a dog that has been loved by his family and has shared activities with them, but he was kept as a hunting dog in kennels and now he is too old to hunt he has no purpose and is no longer wanted.

Risco is a cheerful, energetic and lively dog despite his years, he really loves to go for a walk although he also lies quietly in the kennels when home. He loves to eat, he is somewhat chubby, he needs more exercise and should soon loose the excess weight.

Risco really loves water and a safe place to swim regularly would be great for his long term fitness and weight loss (and joy).

Risco is very good with male and female dogs and enjoys their company. He adores people, he is very affectionate and in the kennel environment he seems obedient.

Risco & Friend

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