English Setter 3 Years Old

UPDATE: Ripoll is currently in foster in Cornwall with one of our team, here’s what they have to say about this lovely chap!

“Ripoll is a wonderful dog who lives for fun and cuddles. He has done an amazing job settling into family life and he really does brighten up our home, I don’t think it’s possible to get bored with Ripoll around. He has done really well with toilet training and he sleeps through the night upstairs with us.

Around the house he is very playful and is doing really well learning all about dog toys, he has a few firm favourite toys but he does like pulling everything out of the toy box on a daily basis to give them all a go.

On his walks he likes to take time to sniff the environment and say hello to other people and dogs out walking. He doesn’t pull much on the lead, at the moment but once he becomes more confident in general his lead walking might become more challenging.

Ripoll has been left home alone and downstairs by himself for a few hours while we work upstairs with no issues, but he does cope better if he has some enrichment and toys to keep him busy.

Ripoll has a few things he can get worried about like cars going past too quickly and loud noises, so he does need an adopter that will work with him to keep building up his confidence. He seems to rely more on people than other dogs for confidence, but we would really love to see him go to a home where he had another dog to play with.”

HISTORY: Ripoll is a male English Setter, three years old, date of birth 01/01/20

Ripoll is really gorgeous boy, he is a small setter, rescued from the state pound.

Ripoll is a very energetic and active, at the moment he still has some anxiety over food as he has obviously known real hunger. He arrived at the shelter extremely thin.

Ripoll is very sociable with male and female dogs, although he can be extremely lively and playful with them.

With people Ripoll is extremely affectionate and trusting.

Ripoll & Cintra
Ripoll & Friends