Meet Rex, he joined us from Spain on 23rd May, and here I am in August writing his success story. Yes, 3 months is all it has taken for him to settle into being a super family dog, who is fun, and cheeky and loving and totally living his best life, with a family who just adore him. 

When he first arrived, he was wary of everyone, and any visitors got a growl, but it was fear based, not aggression. Over time he learnt that no one was a threat, no one was going to hurt him, and lots of visitors came and went and all was well. I have to say being the covid year, the fact that visitors could only come into the garden probably helped a lot with this, as in the garden he was free to be away/on his own if he wanted to be. We told everyone to leave him alone, and let him come to them, and, over time it worked. He now greats everyone with a waggy tail and is happy and relaxed in company. He’s totally soft with us, and bonded almost immediately with Andy (that hunter/dog relationship I guess?) We can’t believe how much he’s adapted, learnt in such a short time. He eats and sleeps really well, loves that big walk every day but is also happy to lay under Andy’s desk and chill too. When on walks, he has a tracker on, and we’ve taken it slow, but his re call is good and he comes back when called, so he’s off lead all the time now. (Just to note though, its pretty rural here, and we are blessed with lots of woods and fields that are not near roads!) 

Rex is perfect for us,  in fact, we are so happy with him, we’ve just signed up with SeBPRA to adopt another setter, a female this time, who we hope will be a play mate for Rex and complete our family, Raisa will be arriving in October……watch this space!

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