Pointer 1 Year Old

Puma is a gorgeous young female Pointer, she is about 18 months old, her date of birth is 10/10/21.

Puma is a very elegant young Pointer, she is beautiful and slender. She was handed into the shelter by her hunter owner because she is gun shy. Poor Puma arrived at the shelter very fearful and the hunter explained that he had tried to overcome her fear of gun fire by throwing firecrackers next to her so that she would get used to the sound of shots. Of course this just made things so much worse and she became very afraid of any loud noise.

However, her shy and fearful attitude changed as soon as she was put with the other dogs at the shelter, she is now very sociable and playful with them. Puma shares her kennel with three Setters with whom she shares games and food.

Puma is learning fast to trust these people, and she is already happy and affectionate.

Puma would love a home with another young dog for companionship and to help her confidence, and adopters who are patient and understanding of her initial fears.

Puma & Friends

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