English Setter, 10 Years Old

The story of Porthos and his family is a very sad one. Here’s what the shelter told us:

The story of Julieta, Porthos and their son Dartañan, for us is sad. We found a publication in a sale portal (Milanuncios) that said that due to the death of the owner there were 3 hunting dogs, the condition that they put is that they had to take all three, many hunters called wanting to get Dartañan who was 5 years old but They did not love parents who were 10. We were scared to think that in order to finally get rid of the problem of the three dogs, they would give them to someone and they would abandon them or do something bad to the grandparents. So we didn’t hesitate and we picked them up. Personally it has been a very hard rescue because of the place where they were and the horrible and unsanitary conditions in which they lived. It seems as if they have never left that chenil where they were. The three dogs have a dependency relationship between them but they are not very compatible, it is like they have not known anything other than other dogs

The three dogs are very close but Porthos is the one in charge and he can sometimes be a bit bossy, especially with his son. We think he would do ok as an only dog or with a submissive female. He’s scared of people at first although he is improving with the help of the amazing people at the shelter.