Brittany, 6 Years Old

Pippa is a gorgeous young female Brittany, her official name is Pistolas (which means Pistols) we have shortened this to Pippa. She is six years old, her date of birth is 15/05/16.

Pippa is a very beautiful, sweet, affectionate, small Brittany. She is an active girl and gets on well with other dogs, but prefers quieter, respectful dogs that are not too bouncy. She shares a kennel with Zango and they get on very well.

Pippa is great with people, she can be a little shy at first until she gets to know you and then she comes and seeks out cuddles and caresses, not leaving your side. She loves human company and would like a home with someone around most of the day. When in her kennel she is quite quiet and peaceful, but when out in the exercise area she loves to run and has loads of energy.

Pippa would be suitable for a homes with confident cats, as always, introductions should be done with care.

Pippa & Cat

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