English Setter cross 3 mnths old

Pippa is a small female puppy, just 3 months old (DOB 03/06/22)

Pippa was born to a Setter mum, an unplanned pregnancy and her dad is an unneutered mongrel that roams in the village. A Brittany also had a litter of pups from the same dad, one of which was Puppa. These two cross bred puppies were not wanted and were going to be abandoned in the mountains but fortunately another hunter stepped in and brought them down to the shelter.

Pippa is a happy and funny puppy, she is a little tornado at times. Pippa is in a wonderful foster home with a family and a variety of dogs, she gets on very well with the dogs and is very playful. With people she is very affectionate.

At two months old Pippa weighed 2.4kg, so as a guess we might guess she will be a medium size dog when full grown. Pippa has a medium length tail, she could have been born with this or had it slightly docked when very young, we are not sure which.